Evo 2023 Misses Street Fighter 6 Due To New 2 Game Characters

What is street fighter 6?

Street fighter is a Japanese series of fighting video games that were developed and published by Capcom. The very first game of the series was released on 12th August 1987 and the best-selling 1991 released street fighter 2. This series is one of the top-grossing video game series of all time, liked by many all over the world.

Creators: Takashi Nishiyama, Hiroshi Matsumoto

There are 6 main installments of this series to this date,

  • Street Fighter debuted in 1987
  • Street Fighter II series released in 1991
  • Street Fighter Alpha series released in 1995
  • Street Fighter III series released in 1997
  • Street Fighter IV series released in 2007
  • Street fighter V series released in 2010

Apart from the main installments, there are more installments to this series example’, street fighter ex’, ‘crossover series’ etc.

The latest and upcoming fighting game is street fighter 6, which all the gamers are eagerly waiting for. The game is planned to release for platforms such as PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S in 2023.

street fighter 6

Everything you need to know about street fighter 6

Street Fighter 6 is the seventh main installment of the series, which was developed by Capcom and is going to air soon.

The game attributes three supreme game modes as below

  1. Fighting Ground

This mode contains local vs online battles, arcade modes, and training presenting distinguishable 2D fighting gameplay as the previous games in the series, where two fighters could use special abilities and diversity of attacks to beat their rival.

  1. World Tour

The world tour mode is a solitary story mode promoting a personalized player avatar surveying the 3D animations with adventure\action gameplay.

  • Battle Hub

The battle hub acts as an online waiting room which is a culmination place for players to look for friendly opponents\ rivalries.

Features of the fighting ground mode 

Battle system design

Is made for simpler controls that will allow the gamers to upgrade their offence and defense with the exact perfect timing. The players would be able to experience the kick of the fight freeing the attacks with flashy visuals.

Drive gauge

The main gameplay of this new installment is built framing the Drive Gauge, which is designed to stimulate the creativity of the players. The engine that powers the Drive System is accessible as soon as the game begins in the first round. If the players spay out the entire Drive Gauge, the players will undertake a burnout situation with many disadvantages, but it also recharges automatically.

The drive system has moved as below,

  • Drive Impact

The drive impact performs an energetic bash that can suck up a rival’s incoming attack. If players use Drive Impact on a rival captivated in the corner, you can force your rival into a wall splat state even if they obstruct the attack.

  • Drive Parry

The drive parry reverses the damage of your rivals’ attacks and recharges the player’s Drive Gauge when carried out successfully. Players should time their Drive Parry just before a rival’s attack arrives to discharge a Perfect Parry generating a slowdown effect to settle a punishing combo. Drive Parry repeatedly clear outs the player’s Drive Gauge based on how long a player is in the parry state.

  • Drive Reversal

The drive reversal blocks rivals’ strike bringing off a counterattack and repelling the opponent while dealing a small amount of damage. Drive Reversal charges two Drive Stocks.

  • Drive Rush

 The Dash forwards after a Drive Parry or repudiates a normal attack to generate destructive combos. Drive Rush from a Drive Parry charges one Drive Stock, but the exact technique charges three Drive Stocks when carried out from a normal attack.

  • Overdrive Art

The overdrive Art is comparable to the EX Special Moves system that is operated in the earlier games in the series. Overdrive Art charges two Drive Stocks.

Control type (classic and modern)

The new installment offers a brand new control mode for the players to enjoy the flow of the battle without the need to recall the difficult command inputs. Players who try the world of Street Fighter initially or those who haven’t played any fighting game in years can jump right into the game. And the long-established control type of the series is also available for players who relish it.

The other features of the world tour and battle hub is not yet released by Capcom and are set to be revealed in the future.

The characters featured in street fighters 6

  • Ryu

The main protagonist of the series. First character premiered by Capcom in the First Street Fighter in 1987

Fighting style: Shotokan-style Karate (Martial art rooted in assassination arts)

Origin: Japan

  • Chun-Li

The very first female playable character to appear in a fighting game. She first appeared in Street Fighter II (The World Warrior) in 1991

Fighting style: Chinese Kempo (Chinese martial arts)

Origin: China

  • Guile

One of the original eight characters First appeared in street fighter 2 (the world warrior) in 1991

Fighting style: Marine Corps Martial Arts (Martial arts infused with pro wrestling techniques)

Origin: United States

  • Luke

The last character appeared in Street Fighter 5 (Champion Edition) in 2016

Fighting style: Military MMA

Origin: American

The new characters featured in street fighter 6 

Capcom revealed the new two characters for Street Fighter 6 during Evo 2022 and later from the official Twitter account. The new fighters announced, Kimberly and Juri, on August 8, 2022

  • Kimberly

Kimberly is a completely new inclusion to the street fighter series. One of Kimberly’s super moves is she sprays her rival with graffiti for a genius, colorful end. Kimberly is portrayed as a feisty ninja that is obsessed with ’80s pop culture. She carries a cassette player all around that doesn’t get broken during fights.

Fighting style: traditional ninja techniques

Origin: African\ American

  • Juri

Juri first appeared in super street fighter 4 (2010) as the main antagonist and is making a comeback in street fighter 6, maintaining the same fighting style and lunatic personality. She is introduced as a seductive, provocative female character and is very popular among the players of this fighting game.

Fighting style: taekwondo

Origin: Korean

  • Jamie

Jamie is one of the new characters created due to the shortage of Drunken Fist users and is not yet officially revealed by Capcom. The character appears to be an entertaining loving young man who hangs around with Luke.

Fighting style: Jamie Zui Quan – drunken Chinese fist (disorganized theoretical movements into an unpredictable style.) He also blends his style with breakdancing (spin kicks and handstands.

When will street fighter 6 be released?

Capcom published a ‘Capcom Countdown’ timer on February 14, 2022, and announced the installment of street fighter 6 on February 21, 2022. And also, a gameplay trailer was displayed at the June state of play on PlayStations social media platforms  ‘on June 2, 2022; the trailer revealed the new three modes of the series mentioned above. Capcom also announced the characters of Kimberly and Juri and posted a gameplay trailer on august 8, 2022 on the official street fighter website.

Capcom still hasn’t officially announced the release dates yet but has announced that it will be out in 2023 on PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S platforms.

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